What We Do

TCRS offers a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by our cause. We help them and their families by providing programs, information and resources to assist in their journey.

Outpatient Clinic Services

TCRS has licensed, medically-supervised outpatient clinics in Hudson and Catskill, New York.

The following services are available:

  • Alcohol & Drug Assessment
  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Information & Referral
  • Psycho-educational Services
  • 24-hour crisis hotline: (518) 822-0090
  • Co-dependency Assessment & Treatment

Men’s Residential Program

The Red Door Community Residence is a 13-bed halfway house in Hudson, NY for adult men. The Red Door serves men primarily from Columbia and Greene Counties who suffer from substance use disorder.

More information is available at (518) 822-0090.

“One year ago I was shooting heroin in a hotel room, I was homeless and hopeless. I’ve been through treatment many times and started to give up hope. I ended up going back to detox and rehab and got sent to a therapeutic community. Now I have almost a year clean, a job, a car, I pay bills, I am the father I always wanted to be. Life has gotten so much better for me.” – Anonymous

Butterfly Testimonial

Women’s Residential Program

The Riverside Recovery Residence is a 12-bed halfway house in Catskill, NY for adult women and/or adult women with preschool aged children. Riverside serves women primarily from Columbia and Greene Counties who suffer from substance use disorder.

More information is available at (518) 943-2744.

Testimonial Poem

My Addiction: I thought I had it under control
But I found that I was in a dark hole.
My addiction had me tied extremely tight
All I wanted to see was the light
I was at a point where I wanted to be heard.
To get the help that I desperately deserved.
I felt the guilt with so much shame
I was ready to let go, all my pain.
I was very scared in the midst of it all.
Now with my sponsor I always shall call,
My recovery was the best for me
Now I show it proudly for the world to see.

Butterfly Testimonial

Off-Site Treatment and Mobile Services

Our community-based outreach program is committed to helping individuals and families who are struggling with substance use disorder. Our staff is on-hand to “just talk” or to help connect individuals to the many treatment options available.

Help alleviate the devastating effects of opioid, heroin and/or substance abuse on your life. Don’t wait, all calls are confidential with caring individuals ready to help.

Greener Pathways

Greener Pathways
Columbia and Greene Counties: (518) 291-4500

The following services are available:

  • Peer-to-Peer Support Networks

Helping build recovery and social supports via Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPAs).

  • Assistance with Transportation

Available for any resident of Greene or Columbia Counties who is affected by substance use disorder.

  • Live Video Telemedicine Sessions

Providing expanded clinical services beyond the traditional clinical setting via video and multimedia technology.

  • Outreach Services

Narcan training, informative outreach and community events for promoting the culture of recovery.

  • Personalized Treatment Program

Mobile counseling services providing Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) via mobile clinician and therapeutic team.

  • Medication to Help Prevent Relapse

Linkages and services for Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) including vivitrol, suboxone and methadone.

Community Awareness

In order to achieve our goals, we are engaged in a series of initiatives to raise awareness and provide solutions. Learn more about our awareness campaigns and prevention programs:

Visit our event calendar to see upcoming events.

Community Awareness


TCRS provides a comprehensive community and school-based prevention program. The following services are available:

  • Life skills education
  • Training for parents, teachers, staff and the community at large
  • Classroom education
  • Positive alternatives for youth
  • Confidential referrals

substance use disorder prevention

Impaired Driver Program (IDP)

The Columbia-Greene Drinking Driver Program serves people convicted of DWAI/DWI who are deemed eligible for the program by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Conducted locally, under the auspices of the New York State DMV and OASAS, the Drinking Driver Program is a seven week course repeated throughout the calendar year.

For more information contact (518) 751-2083.

Click here to find additional information on Drug Rehab Connections.

Impaired Driver Program (IDP)